VSN Tour & Treks

Our Travel Philosophy

The Volunteer Society Treks Nepal Travel Philosophy

Volunteer Society Treks Nepal believes in minimising the negative impacts of tourism by giving back to the communities we visit in the form of volunteering and philanthropic giving.

Our tours and treks are carefully designed to allow maximum comfort for you while generating enough income to support local community projects in the places you will be visiting. Want to see where your money is going? Look around you in the villages and towns, ask the people to share their stories, and discover for yourself what a difference tourism can make to ordinary peoples’ lives.

We don’t want you to just stand back and miss out on all the action, though. We actively encourage all of our guests to get involved with volunteering and philanthropic activities.

Each tour or trek that involves a volunteering component will begin with simple Nepali language and culture classes, allowing our guests to get the most out of their time in Nepal and to communicate more effectively with the friendly people they’ll meet on their journey. By deepening your understanding of Nepali people, we believe your respect and admiration for their lives will surely grow too.


Our Promises to the Community, and to You

  • An insight into Nepali language and culture will deepen your understanding and enhance your connection with Nepal
  • Guides will be on hand to advise you about the responsibilities of responsible tourism throughout your journey
  • A majority percentage of all profits will go directly into carefully selected community projects
  • Our tourists are not spectators, they are active participants in Nepal’s journey toward development
  • Tourists can rest assured that the money paid during their tour will remain in the Nepali economy, it won’t disappear overseas into a foreign organisation
  • We connect people: those who want to give with those who need help, and those who receive aid with their generous benefactors

Travel with VSTN, and Make A Difference

Every Volunteer Society Treks Nepal tour contributes directly to local charitable projects that empower and educate Nepali people. By travelling with us, you are making a difference to the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged women and children; you are giving them a brighter future.