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Best Trekking Season

Choosing the right trekking season for your journey plays a vital role in the nature of your trip. With the right planning you can avoid unpleasant weather or disappointing views, and instead savour the stunning landscapes around you at their best.

Generally, the autumn season (September- November) and spring season (March- May) are considered to be the best times for trekking in Nepal. However, the best trekking season for you might differ depending on your purpose and destination in Nepal.

Which is the best trekking season for you?

Autumn season (September – November)

If you want to savour the beauty of Nepal at its finest, this is the season for you. Autumn is the most preferred season for trekking because the weather is stable, dry and clear. At this time of year, the sky is clean and you will be blessed with crystal-clear views of the mountains. Additionally, the trails are not too slippery, the valleys and hills are lush and green, and waterfalls will be running at full strength. This is the best time to see the nature at its best.

Winter season (December – February)

December to February is the coldest time of the year in Nepal. But if you’re not daunted by cold weather, this season can be great for some lower-altitude trekking. At the high altitudes many passes and trails will be covered in snow and ice, making trekking extremely dangerous, but a tour advisor can recommend a list of safe routes for trekking in winter. The weather in winter is dry, so you won’t have any concerns about spontaneous rain showers or muddy trails. It’s perfect for hiking in lower altitudes or the Terai.

Spring season (March – May)

Imagine yourself walking through a dense rhododendron forest with the colourful flowers decorating all the trees around you! Yes, this is what you can encounter if you go trekking in Nepal from March to May. At this time of year, the temperature rises but there is an increased possibility of precipitation. The flowers blossom and the environment is lush, beautiful and colourful which makes the atmosphere vibrant.

Summer season (June – August)

Generally, summer is not a preferred time of year for trekking. The annual monsoon starts which makes the skies cloudy, and roads muddy and slippery. From leeches on the trails to unclear mountain views, everything about trekking in this season is not so charming.

However, Volunteer Society Treks Nepal is with you no matter what the season. The weather may be sunny or rainy, cold or moist, but don’t worry because we’ll take you on incredible trekking journeys at any time of the year.

Travel with VSTN, and Make A Difference

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