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Is Nepal Safe to Travel In

A question on many people’s minds after the 2015 earthquake has been “Is Nepal safe to travel in?”

The earthquake was devastating, and the focus of much international media attention and aid efforts. However, two years on, we are proudly reasserting ourselves: Nepal is a safe and secure place to visit, there are no current safety warnings for travel in Nepal. 

Although culture and heritage are two important experiences for tourists in Nepal, an overwhelming number of visitors come for the nature and mountain environment. Much of this natural scenery was undisturbed in the earthquake, and remains accessible and pristine. Out of 10 National Parks, only 1 was affected by the quake. From 75 districts, only the 8 central districts were badly disturbed, leaving most of eastern Nepal and the country’s edges unharmed. Only two out of the 35 major trekking routes had to be closed and adjusted, and since the aftershocks subsided there is little risk of landslides on the other trails.

Two years on from the quake, Nepal’s highways and airports are back to normal operation, and communications by internet and phone have resumed. Tourist infrastructure has been upgraded in many places, and the country is ready to get back to business as usual, with everything safe and sound.

Tourism is the main support of Nepal’s fragile economy. Most of Nepal’s population are involved in tourism in some way, so the most effective way to help Nepal to bounce back from the tragedy of the earthquake is to patronise local Nepali businesses and tour companies. For those who want to do more to help Nepal, we recommend you have a look at our parent site Volunteer Society Nepal to see the various volunteering packages that we offer around the country.

The bottom line is that Nepal is once again safe to travel in, and we welcome bookings anytime.

Travel with VSTN, and Make A Difference

Every Volunteer Society Treks Nepal tour contributes directly to local charitable projects that empower and educate Nepali people. By travelling with us, you are making a difference to the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged women and children; you are giving them a brighter future.