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Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is a small landlocked country located in south Asia between China in the north and India in the east, south and west. Known for being the home to the highest mountain in the world, it’s also famous for having beautiful scenery, cultural heritage, and people.

Adventure lovers, trekkers, and culture enthusiasts are all catered for in the vast array of activities and sites in this Himalayan Kingdom. There are towering snowy peaks, intense jungles, white water rivers, ancient temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a number of National Parks and nature reserves unique for their biodiversity and endangered species. There is something about Nepal that brings visitors back time and time again.

Nepal is a mosaic of cultures, with dozens of ethnic groups and languages throughout the small country. Hinduism and Buddhism flourish side by side, along with native beliefs, Islam and Christianity. Although Nepali is the official national language, there are more than 100 spoken languages belonging to the more than 70 different ethnic groups of Nepal.

Historically a Hindu Kingdom, on May 28th 2008 the constituent assembly voted in overwhelming favour to abolish the monarchy and create the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. This historic development put an end to a decade of instability and violence in the country, and sealed the conclusion of 240 years of royal rule.

Today Nepal is slowly developing, encouraged by its neighbours and the rest of the world. The general feeling among Nepali people is positive, and many believe that Nepal is finally moving forward to become a strong independent nation in the modern world.

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