Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Nepal contains some of the world’s best rivers for white-water rafting. After mountain expeditions, rafting is the most exciting and adventurous sport in Nepal. Journey down a raging torrent of water in an inflatable boat, with only your paddle, your wits and your friends to keep you going! Meanwhile, from your seat in the raft, don’t forget to look around you for a whole new perspective on Nepal’s flora, fauna, and village life.

Few countries in the world offer the thrill of white water in such an impressive setting – rivers rush through steep canyons on their way down from snow-capped Himalayan peaks toward the tropical jungles of the Terai. The combination of spectacular rivers, mountain scenery, and rich culture makes Nepal an obvious choice for taking an adventurous tour like this.

A full day trip takes around 5hrs, which is exhausting enough for most people! Before and after the action there’s time for filming or photography, and socialising with the local people in the area.

River sections are graded on a scale of one to six, in accordance with international measurements of white water and difficulty of navigation. Grade one is calm and flat, while grade six is extreme and considered nearly impossible to navigate. Anyone who is in reasonable physical shape and isn’t afraid of turbulent water can safely go rafting on rivers graded one to three.

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