Social Day Hike to Chandragiri Hills

Social Day Hike to Chandragiri Hills

Social Day Hike to Chandragiri Hills

Last weekend our staff here at Volunteer Society Nepal organized Social Day Hike to Chandragiri Hillsed a social day hike to Chandragiri Hills for our current volunteers and office staff, to give them a break from city life and the dust of Kathmandu.

Setting out early, we navigated our way across town on local buses to reach the foot of Chandragiri Hill, where a cable car runs to the top from. But we weren’t there for the cable car, so we set off into the jungle and started to climb!

Hiking through the jungle to the top

It was a hot day, but the shade of the jungle and fresh mountain breeze made it bearable. We hiked up hundreds of rough stone steps, occasionally reaching clearings that enabled us to see over the tree tops and out to Kathmandu City below us, hazy under the dust we had gratefully left behind.

Finally, after three hours (and a punishing final steep slope), we made it to the top cable car station of Chandragiri Hills at 2520m above sea level. We were sweaty and our legs were tired, but we felt satisfied to have made it and happy to be out in nature for the day.

Kathmandu Valley offers many great options for day-hikes or overnight hikes, if you need a break from the city. Contact us for more details or to add this experience to your Nepal tour.

Check out some photos from our trip below:

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